Anne Woodgate

Creative Process

Broadly speaking, each of Anne's embroidered pictures is a three stage process. Please click any of the images below to view a larger version in more detail:

Stage One.
Stage One
Painting the image onto calico. Anne works from her own photographs. This is the greenhouse at Stourhead Wiltshire. The calico has been stretched over a simple wooden frame and the image painted.
Stage Two.
Stage Two
Embroidering the picture with French Knots. In this picture, several strands of thread are used on the flowers in the foreground. To create depth to the picture, less embroidery is done as the eye focuses further into the greenhouse.
Stage Three.
Stage Three
The completed embroidered picture, finished, mounted and framed by Richard. The mounts are of particular importance as the number is often more than one. This prevents the glass pressing onto the embroidery. Because you are buying the artwork directly from Anne, there are no gallery commission costs or extra framing overheads incurred. Only Richard and Anne are involved in the creative process from start to finish.

An image showing the front and rear of a completed embroidered picture. Please click to view a larger image:

Completed embroidered picture, front and rear views.