Anne Woodgate

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to embroider a picture?
This is a question that Anne is frequently asked and she never times how long the stitching takes. The short answer is that the the time is reflected in the price that a picture is offered for sale. Anne can never quantify the time because it is an evolving creation with an original idea that Anne will often stitch for short periods of time. Anne will leave the work for periods and then return with a refreshed thought process of what she is aiming for.
Where does Anne get her ideas and inspiration from?
After a short time of embroidering the pictures, Anne began to notice garden and countryside landscapes, flowers and how they could be interpreted with stitches. Anne is not sure she ever recognised the true beauty of trees, insects, lichens, mosses, waves or even pebbles until she began to embroider them. Anne has tried to give a modern feel to embroidery and in return it has enriched her life.
Are the paints, threads and ribbons used lightfast?
Yes, they are all lightfast. However Anne does advise that the picture is not hung in strong direct sunlight or above a direct heat source.