Anne Woodgate


Anne and her husband Richard have created a number of unique mobiles / hangings that would look stunning in any number of settings.

The mobiles are a combination of locally sourced wools, threads and wood. Some of the sheep have woollen coats crocheted from 100% undyed British wool. Other mobiles have needle felted animals in combination with crocheted embellishments; while others include carved acorns and toadstools. All the objects used in their construction are hung using jewellers illusion cord and will move in the slightest of breeze. Hang them from a hook or in a window to show them at their best.

If you need more information or are interested in purchasing one of Anne’s mobiles, please contact Anne by email, and she'll be happy to help you. They are priced at £25 each including UK postage and packing.

Just as a note of caution; please be aware that these mobiles are not toys and could present a safety hazard to babies and young children. If used for children's amusement, please always hang out of their reach, where they can be enjoyed as they grow and develop.